Women's Travel Club IrelandOften what makes a tour truly special is the ladies on the tour.  That is exactly the case with our Women’s Travel Club tour of Ireland this June.  It was an amazing tour, mostly due to the fabulous ladies on the tour.  We spent 12 days touring Ireland including Northern Ireland and Belfast.  Definite highlights of the tour were the beautiful accommodations, including two castle stays.  Women's Travel Club in Ireland

Ireland has no shortage of castles.  From ancient ruins to magnificent private residences and hotels.  We were very fortunate to stay in two castles, Lough Eske Castle and Clontarf Castle.  Both of these hotels were outstanding and completely spoiled our ladies.

Shopping is always popular in Women’s Travel Club tours and Ireland was no exception.  Learning that most of the sheep in Ireland were not used for their wool did not deter us from buying a plethora of Aran Wool Sweaters.  Other very popular purchases included jewelry, pottery and crystal.  I must say, our little group did it’s part to help out the Irish economy.

Of course, shopping was not the only way we spent free time.  Sightseeing and photography kept many of us very busy, not to mention the occasional pub visit.  DSCF7397

Every group tends to have their own ‘thing’.  Some common interest that becomes a bond for the group.  For this group it was whiskey tasting.  Every evening, the group would gather in the hotel bar and try a different Irish whiskey.  By the time we got to the Jamieson Distillery we had some definite experts in this group.

Ireland was a wonderful tour and I for one, will miss my time with these terrific ladiesWhisky Tasting in Ireland.  However, I have a feeling that I will be seeing many of them on future tours in other lovely places.

Want to see more?  Check out our video showing the highlights from the tour –