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We often get asked what to pack for a tour.  While what you need to take with you on a vacation can be very individualized there are a few suggestions for packing for an organized tour.  One of the big challenges with an organized tour is that you will be living out of your suitcase.  This can quickly make for a disaster and repacking each day is not fun.  A little organization ahead of time will make everything run a bit smoother.

How to pack for a tour

Suitcases quickly can look like this on a tour.

First step is to go out and buy a box of the biggest re-close-able  bags you can find.  I like the ones with the little plastic tab as they are easier to open and close.  Use these bags to organize small items such as underwear, shoes and take an empty one for dirty laundry.

Packing for a tour

A dollar store is a great place to get these bags cheap.

When it comes to packing your clothes, roll them instead of stacking.  Your clothes will stay neater, take up less room and it will be much easier to find what you are looking for.  If you have specific outfits that go together roll them together.  Put clothes that you will only wear once at the bottom of your suitcase and keep clothes  you will wear repeatedly, such as jackets, at the top.  If you have clothes that will need to be hung up, put them all on hangers and into one dress bag, fold the bag over into your suitcase.  Then remove the whole bag each night at your hotel and hang it.

Women's Travel Club packing tips

Much better!

Don’t over pack.  Don’t pack clothes for your trip that you would never wear at home.  Things won’t magically fit better on your trip and you will wear what you are most comfortable in.  Do not pack more than 3 pairs or shoes.  Make the decision before you go and narrow down.

How to pack for a tour

I find narrowing down shoes the hardest part!

All airlines and most tours limit the number and weight of your bags.  Oversize and overweight bags can result in outrageous fees.  Toiletries can really quickly add to your weight.  Be sure to put shampoo, conditioner etc into smaller bottles.  You can always buy more while traveling if you need to.  Also, be sure to weigh your bag before you leave, you don’t want any surprises at the airport.