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We have added a new adventure tour – Costa Rica.  I am usually the tour leader on the adventure tours, so in the interest of full disclosure on my new blog there is something I have to admit.  I am afraid to go on this tour!  Yes, I said it, I am scared.  There are three things I am scared of on this particular tour – 1. heights  2. rapids and 3. spiders.

I actually think the heights aren’t too bad (although I hate heights).  The two activities that involve heights are ziplining and rappelling.   I have

Zipline in Costa Rica

I am hoping our zipline is only this high.

been ziplining before and quite enjoyed it.  That being said, the zipline over the Savegre river will probably be incredibly high and I will change my mind once I see it.  The rappelling is another story, it looks really high.  But I figure I can always bail on this activity and walk back down the way I came up.

Rappelling at Diamante Falls

Maybe if I don’t look down.

The rapids are what really scares me.  I have been whitewater rafting before and I hated it.  I thought I was going to die the whole time.  I have googled whitewater rafting down the Savegre River and almost every picture has someone falling out of the raft.  The worst part is that is that there is no way around it.  It is how we get from A to B.  I will be the one curled up crying on the bottom of the boat!

Whitewater rafting on Savegre River, Costa Rica

I might see if they have a path I can walk down.

Now for the spiders.  I, like most females I know have a visceral fear of spiders.  Costa Rica is home to nearly 20,000 different species of spiders.  I figure that makes the possibility of running into a few quite high….eek.  I can only hope they are more afraid of me then I am of them….but I doubt it.

Costa Rica Spider

Okay, before I have a panic attack  lets talk about the parts of the tour that I am excited about.  First on my list is the trekking and hiking in the jungle.  Even with the possibility of spiders I love hiking and I love jungles and forest.  We spend a lot of time on this tour hiking from one point to another.  The jungle is also full of wildlife, including monkeys and amazing birds.  This I am quite looking forward to.

Jungle Trek

A jungle trek in Tobago

One of the highlights of this tour is that we spend one night in a cave behind a waterfall.  However, this is unlike any cave you have seen before.  It is huge and fully equipped with stone furniture, working composting toilets and a full kitchen.  I think this will be an amazing experience.

Diamante Cave Costa Rica

I think this is very cool!

After all this time in the jungle our last two days are in the beautiful beach community of Uvita.  Here we will switch gears, with snorkeling, horseback riding and a visit to a marine national park.

I know that once I face my fears and work my way through the activities that scare me that I will feel incredibly empowered.  I just have to concentrate on the parts that I am really excited about.