Hello and welcome to the official blog of the Women’s Travel Club.  I am Marianne Southall, the founder of the Women’s Travel Club, I also play Terry Traveler in our video series (but that is another story).  I have started this blog to give a bit of a personal touch the the club and the tours we offer.  A bit of a confession, this isn’t my first attempt at a blog, and generally my downfall is falling short on keeping content up to date.  What helps…. comments, reminding me that there is someone out there that might be interested in what I have to say.  So, if you want to see more, make some comments.  It doesn’t have to be long or witty, it  can be a simple hi or your grammar sucks or whatever else you want to say.

Let me start with a little about myself and where the club came from.  Like so many women I am a travel addict, I am not home from a trip when I am planning another trip.  I drive my family and friends crazy trying to get them to take trips and vacations with me.  Then I discovered that there are a ton of ladies out there just like me!  For some reason, many women (more than men) have this inherent drive to travel and see new places.  From this an idea was born, tours designed specifically for women.  A fun, safe way for women to travel.  Here is a cute video that we put together –

The Women’s Travel Club is now three agents working together.  Debbie Groulx is another agent from Ontario, Canada.  Debbie puts together a lot of the tours.  She has a very keen attention to detail.  Very often when we get  a tour put together by a supplier Debbie goes back to them time and time again to get every point just perfect.  I am more the bull in a china shop, plow ahead and get it done type.  This makes Debbie and I a great team, with very good balance.

Our newest agent is Victoria Cantrell from California, USA.  Victoria is our American connection and brings her own style to the team.  She specializes in the South Pacific and Hawaii.  Watch for some fabulous new tours to come up designed by Victoria.

As for my favorite type of tour?  While there isn’t anywhere in the world that I wouldn’t go, but my favorite tour will involve animals and nature.  You will find me escorting (and designing) most of the adventure tours.

I hope you enjoy the blog and getting a little glimpse inside the Women’s Travel Club.